V2Cigs is That Very Thing You Need if you are looking for Ideal Electronic Cigarette in the Net

Electronic cigarettes become more and more popular from day to day. One of the loudest names in this area is V2Cigs and as I am the lover of everything new and interesting I decided to learn more about that product. I visited the website of the trade mark and read the opinions of people who had already got it and understood that this thing is really worth getting. First of all there are a lot of models of V2Cigs and everyone can find that very thing that suits him or her better – according to the taste, image and paying ability. V2Cigs has the battery that is improved in comparison with other products of this kind. V2Cigs is accomplished with KR808D-1. It is the private cigarette case charger that includes the battery and USB cable. I wanted to try this device myself so ordered it. V2Cigs consisted of 2 important parts as cartomizers and batteries and I ordered all the parts of the kit to use it for my own purposes. ÒV2 Power CigÓ was the improved version of the e-cigarette that I also decided to choose.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits can Suit any Client with the Variety of Products and the Flexible System of Prices that can satisfy any Taste.

If I want to study some question, usually I do the complete investigation so I decided to take the whole kit. In fact it was quite a large thing as it included many big and small devices that were of course extremely important for the users who wanted to get pleasure from e-cigarettes and not to spoil their health at the same time. So I took such things as V2 Cartridge that included the various flavors because when you smoke e-cigarette you can enjoy different tastes. Then there were different kinds of batteries, USB cable, and V2 PCC that stands for Portable Charging Case. I bought the whole kit and was glad to know that I had a solid discount. The kit was sold for the price $146.59 and I had an opportunity to buy it only for $131.93. The starter kit was wonderful and I looked at it very attentively. I found 3 batteries of different sizes that were either auto or manual, the e-cigarettes of 3 various colors and all the tastes that the company offered to the clients – there were 5 of them – I also decided to get.

While I was ordering my kit on the website of the trade mark, I understood that not all the people use the possibilities that are offered to the clients in the full extent. V2Cigs site is informative, interesting and easy to use. You can control all the parts of the kit you order and choose that very variant you like among all the variety of kinds of batteries, colors and flavors. Most people choose the taste of the cigarette and its intensity among those five offered by the company and at the same time they forget to choose the colors of the battery, e-cigarette itself and cigarette charger. If you take both – manual and auto battery you can get them of the same colors or of different ones – it is up to you to decide. You have to write the result in the comment area that is left for you and your ideas.

I was ready to make the order but stopped for a moment and decided to read the reviews and to check up if they were true or not. I admired the work of Live Support on the site.

I had a lot of technical and general information about V2Cigs but still wanted to examine the specialists who worked at Live Support on the site. So I contacted the support and was pleasantly surprised by the highest quality of communication and help that I received on the site. The woman answered me immediately and then we were discussing the topic of V2Cigs and the other things that were sold in one kit for an hour. She was an extremely easy-going person, who knew everything I was interested in and besides was so patient and calm. She told all the necessary information – including the technical characteristics of USB Passthroughs and Cartomizers and the description of taste the cigarettes included. No doubt she was a solid specialist who knew her job well and as I asked her the question that for sure would be interesting and useful for you, so I copied the whole conversation and typed it here for you to read. Hope it will help you to study the topic and find the answers on your questions and the solution of your problems. In general the main information is included here.

There were several things that I covered even for myself. The woman told that it was possible to get the mixed sampler of flavors of Cartridges. You can get the whole set that is consisted of 10 cartridge packs or simply write in the comments that you need a mixed sampler. To have an opportunity to order the mixed sampler you need to buy the starter kit with the certain amount of cartridges in it. Thus you may get the Standard Kit, the Traveler Kit or the Couples Kit or even the greatest one called Ultimate and then get the right to order the mixed sampler. As for me, I did it and I am really content with that decision. If you are the lover of some famous tobacco tastes then you can get the analogues at the website. For example you can get “Camel” that is called “Sahara” here or “Marlboro” that is replaced by “Cowboy” or “Parliament” that is hidden under the name “Congress”.

I was really impressed when my helper offered to call them beforehand to be sure that the things I ordered they really had among their stock at that moment. She told that I could be disappointed if I had made the order and then got the information that there were no such products I wanted to get. I think it is a good idea not to make backorders but I wanted to advice the specialist on the site to write the level of their stock just near the product for those who need to make an order and have no opportunity or desire to call them in advance as it is done at other famous sites like SmokeTip. But all the other things I heard and learnt at the site were of the highest grade and I was satisfied with the service and the quality.

There are no hassles whenever I use the web-based delivery facility. Since I was keen to receive my purchase as soon as possible I requested it to be delivered by Fedex. Customer Services told me it was dispatched within 24 hours and I had my V2 Cigs Starter Kit within 48 hours. There are other shipping options available such as the customary USPS deliveries but apparently those orders will only go out after 48 hours and then it is in the hands of the post office. According to what I’ve seen your delivery will not take more than a week at the most – given that the product that you ordered is actually in the warehouse – remember to check first!

A limited selection of V2 Cartridge Flavours includes the nine most popular types. It would be preferable to have more options to choose from.

Some commentators are of the opinion that an electronic cigarette should only be judged by how closely they can impersonate tobacco or menthol taste as is found in a normal cigarette. I beg to differ, and strongly so! In my opinion the benefits of electronic smoking – also known as vaporizing or vaping – goes beyond the fact that the appearance and shape of the cigarette is accurately represented. The tastes and sensations that the smoker can experience are both more varied and more stimulating than the non-electronic version of smoking – it is in fact a totally different and unique experience on its own.

Having said that, if electronic cigarettes are to be successful in the marketplace it needs to make available the tobacco flavors that buyers are familiar with. This is especially true when people first make the shift from non-electronic to electronic smoking. My own preference amongst the three tobacco V2 Cartridge varieties is the new kid on the block, Sahara, which reminded me of the deep and authentic Camel taste. The Cowboy flavour left me indifferent whereas V2O’s Congress Cartridges spiked my taste buds. Each to their own but when comparing various e cig manufacturers V2O’s cartridges are characteristically strong with a textured vapor and each one is shipped with its 1ml of fluid as promised – approximately the same as 20 cigarettes. The trio of V2 tobacco flavors covers a substantial range out of which most smokers will identify at least one that will satisfy their smoking needs.

It is good to know that smokers are not limited to tobacco flavors only although the non-tobacco options are not too way-out. Peppermint, Coffee and Chocolate all caught my fancy with their pleasant flavor that left me wanting more. Apparently V2 cigs plan to bring out additional flavors (with the next candidate likely to be Cola – one I always reach for when vaping the products of other manufacturers). To their credit, V2cigs are happy to inform customers that their cartridges can be refilled (as much as five times, apparently) and they don’t conceal this fact in order to get more sales. Actually, they even make empty cartomizers available without having sold any e-liquid itself. Refilling or loading new V2 cartridges themselves allow ‘electronic smokers” to limit costs while experimenting with mixing and matching flavors. Have a look at the website ‘E Liquid Reviews’ for their list of recommended tastes and obtain vouchers for superior quality nicotine liquid suppliers that includes 100% USA liquid that can be used for refilling or breaking in a new, unused V2 cartridge.

V2 Cigarette batteries come loaded with various options and have been manufactured with the purpose of making each vaping experience truly enjoyable.

As highlighted above, the success of V2 Cigs rests on the highly sought-after KR808D-1 specification, which includes as many as three different battery sizes and two varieties in each size (manual and automatic). All six of these possibilities can be found in V2 Cigs – surprisingly, really, if one considers how difficult it is to fit such powerful power cells into a device as slim as a cigarette; the technology has only just reached this stage but is improving all the time. The various brands of electronic cigarettes have accepted this fact and are dealing with it in different ways. For example: Joye EGO is very popular with its extended battery life but in size it simulates a cigar! Closest to the shape and weight of a traditional cigarette (probably what most smokers are looking for) would be a 2-0piece Cartomizer-based electronic cigarette such as the V2 Cigs which come with batteries in sizes short, regular and long, all of which provide a higher voltage when fully charged than that provided by other makes: 4.2 volts instead of the standard 3.7 volts. This higher voltage significantly increases the quality of vapor especially when the batteries are fully charged.

More about the V2 Shorty battery: The V2 is slightly longer than the normal length cigarette (100mm). It is a matter of swings and roundabouts: the battery is smaller but lacks in charge capacity and goes flat relatively fast with only 150mah of power. If you insist of using Shorty batteries opt for the automatic variety as they last longer than the manual ones. In contrast, the V2 Standard Battery, V2 Cig’s best seller and the one that forms part of the standard kit, offers the best of both worlds: At 110 mm it is not too long and the 250mah capacity means that it maintains its charge for longer periods. In my book, though, the V2 Long Battery is the winner. Its length is an impressive 4.4 inches – 112mm or 140mm with the cartridge attached. However, the 350mah capacity will allow you to smoke happily for an entire day without requiring recharging. The manual Long battery means an overall superior smoking experience in terms of vapor performance and quality.

If you are a new vaper then I’d suggest you to customize your Starter Kit for V2 Cigs so that you have one automatic and one manual battery.

You can interchange the batteries according to the colors, sizes and types out of the numerous starter kits available for V2 Cigs. Despite the fact that people using this for the first time would be interested in using a battery that is automatic with the feature of a sensor for internal flow to power up the cartomizer and e-cig upon inhalation, it is still a better and wiser choice to opt for manual e-cig batteries. Many people find it a little painstaking to use manual batteries which require the user to press and then hold a small button placed on the side. But when I used it, I realized that this feature allows a considerable control over the amount of vapors produced at a time. Like many other advantages of manual batteries a prominent one is that they last longer than automatic batteries. They are more durable because the battery chamber is designed to obstruct any e liquid to seep in. This is a feature you won’t find in automatic batteries. Further more if you want a denser and fuller vaporization effect then by heating the cartomizer prior to use for 2 seconds shall do the trick. After some testing I have reached a conclusion (considering V2 supports suggestions) that if you are a new user then it’s a good idea to try and use each type to personally be able to tell which is better.

V2 Cigs has different color batteries available to choose from. The white ones have a glowing tip that is red, the black ones are available in a blue and black tip where as the battery with a stainless steel/chrome appearance has a blue tip and happens to be the one I always prefer. It may seem that the color of the tips doesn’t matter but actually it does because of the difference in functionality of each. Vaping is meant to give you the pleasure using e cigs in non smoking areas but the white e cig that has an orange tip will leave you in a situation where you’ll have a lot of explaining to do because the vapors will look like the smoke of a cigarette. Blu Cigs on the other hand will save you the humiliation of appearing like a smoker in a no smoking area because they don’t let vapors out like that of a real cigarette. Quite sci-fi ain’t it!

The 2 one of their kind V2 USB pass through being offered must be discussed to give a proper review of V2 Cigs: The V2 Notebook Cig and V2 Power Cig.

If you want to save a few bucks then there can’t be a better choice than the V2 Power Cig and the V2 Notebook Cig among the various V2 Cigs Òstarter kitÓ choices available. In fact if you talk about starter kits of high quality then these two are even presented as extras along with the package. If you need alternative power supply when you are vaping your V2 Cigs then the V2 Power Cig and V2 Notebook Cig will provide it effectively as they are the best USB passthroughs you can get. You can plug these into the USB hub or out let of your desktop or your notebook. They can also be plugged into the USB port of a V2 Wall Charger. You will love using these USB passthroughs because of the amazing functionalities of the two. But the best feature is that you will have no worries of battery run outs when you have these two in hand. The V2 Notebook Cig and V2 Power Cig will even out beat a V2 Battery that has been freshly charged because these give a 5 volts power boost unlike V2 batteries! The pleasure is truly experienced when the strong voltage of these two enables a stronger vaping through the cartomizer enhancing the flavoring, even if it means your refill cartridge will drain out quicker.

If you are confused which of the two is better and what the difference between the V2 Power Cig and the V2 Notebook Cig is then let me tell you, there is hardly a difference between the two. Both of them are available as a manual switch which is undoubtedly the best option in any case, both give 5 volts vaping power thus enhancing the performance and both enable constant power supply without interrupting your vaping experience. The only noticeable difference between the two is the appearance of each and the cord lengths.V2 Notebook Cig comes in a black color and the V2 Power Cig is available only in white. The very subtle price difference between the two is that because V2 Notebook Cig has a shorter cord (4.25 ft) it is a few digits cheaper. It is well suited when you want to use it while working on your notebook. The V2 Power Cig has a longer cord which is more convenient to use when the USB port is further away such as in the case of a desktop or when you’re on the sofa busy vaping. In any case with these you won’t have to worry about interrupting your vaping just to charge the battery.

Final notes on V2 Cigs…although there’s always room for improvement, they are the best so far!

V2 Cigs is I guess the supplier that knows what the users really want. It’s a complete package that you get which includes excellent customer service, high end products and excellent value for money for the V2 Starter Kids they provide. The customer reviews have marked V2 Cigs at the top because of the outstanding product performance, perfectly appropriate pricing for the quality being offered and the high standard of the product. But what makes V2 Cigs beat the competition is that it offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a life time warranty on electrical components. I agree it’s hard to find a package so complete that you’d regret choosing another one over this.

For me the ideal choice would be if I knew there is a broader selection available for flavored V2 carts. I have received a piece of information that V2 Cigs will be launching their own V2 E liquid line very soon. But until then choosing another supplier for V2 Cartridges is not a bad idea if you want to try out a variety of flavors. When you compare other supplier sites you will find V2 Cig sites much easier to use with relevant and informative content. It also has an online live support which you can connect to any time and the user forum (v2forum.com) is an excellent place to discuss the product or ask questions from other V2 Cigs users.

But the best thing I like about V2 Cigs is that a customization option is available for V2 Starter Kits. Though this aspect hasn’t been very prominently highlighted at the website I’m sure they will do so in a short span. Let me tell you as a V2 Cigs user that when you place an order you can choose from a variety of cartomizers and batteries. All you have to do is mention your choice in the comments section. Another tip that will come handy is that when you place an order, do check the availability of stock for that customized choice you have made. If the stock is available, my experience tells me that the shipping takes 24-48 hours to reach your door and if you want it even faster than that then go for the over night delivery option. For users craving for quality vapings through a product that offers convenience and pleasure at the same time V2 Cigs are at the top of the list to make a choice from. Oh and did I mention I save even more money by using the 10% off coupon each time I buy them!